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  1. economic contraction


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    • 多益 簡單2句翻譯159

      ...受詞) 3. 什麼樣的 events 4. (leading to the greatest economic contraction since the 1920s)全部都在解釋events 5. 查 lead to 6. 查 economic contraction...

    • 請問復甦、成長、衰退、消條的英文

      ...html 2008-08-22 04:40:56 補充: Contraction = A period of general economic decline. Contractions are often part of a business cycle, coming after an expansionary phase and...

    • 求英文高手翻譯

      ... have a forecast for the UK, it says that it believes a contraction economic output in the UK is possible in one of the next few quarters...