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  1. economic globalization


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    • 20點!請以英文撰述Globalisation

      ... is often cited as another aspect of increasing globalization. Rapid economic growth in Taiwan has, in recent years attracted a...

    • 麻煩請問這句英文使用問題?

      governmental policy這是 adj+Noun語法(形容詞修飾名詞) 意思是政府的政策 當形容詞是不加hyphen(-) governmental policy 也可以用 government's policy意思也是政府的政策 government policy這是 Noun+Noun語法 在文法上還是沒有當複合名詞用hyphen(-) 連起來 即government- policy來的...

    • 英文好的大大~請幫我中翻英這段短文

      ... constantly, the countries depend on each other closely in politics and economic business. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Globalization brings us convenient life, but also brings us some ...