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    • 1. 經濟難民 Economic refugees left their native country in the hope of finding a better life. 經濟難民離鄉背井,希望生活有所改善。
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    • 急啊~~請大大幫忙改英文文章~~~謝謝

      ..., they did not only accept lots of refugees from poor and communist countries, but also professional... to the original Americans and the rise of economic burdens for the country. However, after 911...

    • 關於英文單字"情況"的用法

      ...地位(或身分) ex: They were granted refugee status. (他們獲得了難民身分。) The party was... 生活 / 住房 / 工作條件 changing economic conditions 不斷變化的經濟狀況 neglected...

    • 急急急> <...幫我回答這個問題

      ... 经济社会理事会[联合国]; ECOSOC = =Economic and Social Council (United... High Commissioner for Refugees 联合国难民事务高级专员办事处 UNFPA...