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  1. economic sanctions

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    • 1. 經濟方面的制約 President Trump decided to impose economic sanctions against Iran. 川普決定對伊朗進行經濟制約。
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    • 經濟制裁與武力制裁的英文翻譯

      1. 經濟制裁 : economic sanctions也可以用"貿易制裁" : trade sanctions2. "武力制裁" 即 "軍事...

    • 幫忙翻譯中文題目。謝謝。

      ...that one country acting alone can bring about reforms through the use of economic sanctions or embargoes? 你認為一個獨來獨往的國家可以經由經濟的制裁或封港令...

    • 新聞的MAIN IDEA?(20點)

      ...pressure, Japan will join the United States in clamping economic sanctions against Iran despite Teheran's threat to cut off oil supplies...