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  1. economies

    • economy的名詞複數
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    • 經濟問題(急)informal economy

      1. The informal economy exhibit a general economy structure, except it wasn't control or regulate by the proper authority...partially or completely illegal. Due to its illegal nature, the value and economy liabilities is uncertain and inaccurate. As far as who ...

    • economy與economics的分別

      economy可做名詞和形容詞, 意思是經濟, 經濟的 economics只能當名詞, 意思是經濟學 ex: The company's economy is growing rapidly. I major in Economics at ...

    • export-driven economy

      export-driven economy,一般議為出口導向經濟,是指ㄧ個經濟體國內資源相對缺乏,只能以外貿部門的拓展來彌補國內需求的不足!出口導向經濟國家如台灣,韓國 ,泰國等......