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    • 節儉;節約
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    • Of 使用技巧

      ...大原則後, 一個一個字去習慣. 那麼 他的節省方法 - his means of economize. 這句就是很典型的用把一些正確的單字放在一起變成奇怪的句子. 如果你要用...

    • 請幫忙翻成英文 製作掛牌用

      ... User (或是說 Gas Monster) 4. 省水冠軍 -> Economized Water User (或是說 No1 Water Saver) 5...

    • 英文作文填充 括號( )裡幫我填上1-3個句子

      There are many ways to economize on a trip tp. First, you can shop around for the ...young, and many have family rooms. You can also economize on food. Remember, wherever you go local people eat out...