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    • 英文微積分數學問題?

      ...the radius of the circle. Now, by increasing n, the sum of the outer edges can be made arbitrarily close to the circumference C of the circle, and the "heights" of the...

    • 有關英文單字verge跟edge的幾個問題

      ...聽起來比較詩意) 而verge這個字又比edge較多內心上的表示和跟深的含意 例子...快要找到癌症的解藥 on the verge跟very close也很像 所以剛剛的例句跟這句一樣: We're very close to finding the cure for cancer 2007...

    • 這句英文怎麼說

      1. don't sit too close to the might fall 2. you call that reading? you are just flipping through the book 3. hold it still before you spill it 4. whoever gets to the room last is a loser