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    • 這一句好難,請高手幫忙看一下

      ... up. Just follow the moon's terminator -- the line that divides night from day on the moon -- in both directions to opposite edges of the lunar disk. The places on the disk where the terminator...

    • is the chieftain of the ...??

      skarsnik是彎曲的月亮部落的首領,在世界的邊緣山區的最強大的夜小妖精。 周圍的綠皮部落都承認卡拉克八峰毀的山峰,山谷和上層Skarsnik的霸王。 通過迂迴的詭計,在三路之間的綠皮,小矮人和鼠人的苦和持續戰鬥中,和不懈儘管Skarsnik上升到命令。

    • 英翻中,文句請盡量正確 (( 急20點 ))

      At the edge of the woods there was a pond, and there a minnow and a tadpole...朋有。 One morning the tadpole discovered that during the night he had grown two little legs. "Look...