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    • 受過教育的,有教養的
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    • 請教英文問題? education program?

      ...不過「educational program」也另有意思,就是「教育體系;教育系統」。   至於「educating program」只單指「教育課程」,如公司行號或一般學校提供的教育課程。   另外...

    • 麻煩幫我修改一下英文文法

      Educates The candidate for the degree in the foreign language from the Haufan ...

    • (急) 中文翻譯英文 不要翻譯機 !

      Taiwan educates me to think that will be different from person to person some people very earnestly to...some people to study will be is very ill-bred some people not to study, but will educate very well, therefore I thought that Taiwan will study again with...