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    • 請問這句英文的意思?If such charges are the price, any increase in rates becoming effective after the date hereof shall be for the amount(?) of the Buyer. 若...the Buyer: (收支)歸屬於買方 for the amount of xxx意思是「金額為xxx」, 不合此段文意.

    • 請問這段的中英意思為何`

      您好 很高興為您解決問題 本合約由上方所寫的日期開始生效, 為期六個月, 並將在六個月後 自動延長為一年. 若要終止合約, 請合約中的其中一方,在合約到期前至少一個月內,書面通知合約中的另一方解約事宜, 否則將自動續約. 有問題請補充或來信

    • as of july last year??

      ... "截至去年7月" 2013-07-29 13:17:37 補充: An effective date or "as of + date" is the date upon which something is ...