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    • 有效,有力
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    • 英文中的Effect 和 effectiveness有何不同

      冰封玫瑰誠懇為您解答... 對敝人的腦袋來說, effect = 影響、效果、效力 effectiveness = 包括了影響、效果、效力;但最重要的是「成效」 由於 effective 幾乎是以...

    • 請大家幫我翻譯中文成英文,(5)謝**

      Effectiveness and transferability. The problem-solving model has workshop. The study by Liberman (46) also documented the effectiveness of intervention implemented by paraprofessionals in a typical ...

    • 請幫我看看這句話有沒有文法錯誤?

      ...drug 誤: 前面的主詞是單數brain, 不應用their. 3. ... act like a drug, the effectiveness could as strong as real madicines. 誤: 少了一個連接詞連接後面這一句...