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    • parker的品酒紀錄

      ... almost ageless. Like its older sibling, the 1993 will age effortlessly for 20-30 years. 這些酒是幾乎不會老化(變質)的。像其較舊的同級酒...

    • yet的用法??這樣用對麼??

      ... high-quality and credible construction, this product has a great capacity for effortlessly setting large nails. 上面這句話的文法正確麼?? - construction與this product...

    • [英文翻譯]幫忙翻一下,英翻中!!謝謝~

      ...氣質(溫柔),一種知識的奉承是最重要的 to ensure your outfit looks effortlessly elegant and is a streamline fit. 去確定你的配備(工作團隊)看起來輕鬆優美...