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    egg sb. on to

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      慫恿(或鼓勵)某人做某事 Peter kept egging me on to do it. 彼得一直慫恿我做那件事。
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    • egg 得慣用語

      ...烹】 往…澆雞蛋 2. 【口】 向…扔雞蛋 3. 煽動,慫恿,鼓動 .egg sb on to an act [on to do] 煽動某人行動[做某事]. 慣用語 .put (have) all (ones...

    • 幾個英文單字用英文來解釋(急)

      ... or imitates his actions without thinking egg (someone) on (慫恿某人)--urge or strongly encourage sb to do sth reinforce 增援,加強--give more support to (sth);emphasize marijuana 大麻煙...

    • 英文造句(12句)(急!!20點) defined as excel on anything and everything. 3. (in... detector began to place the ID cards...subject. 5. (to share sth with sb) She was happy... to keep all the eggs together. 10. (to be ...