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  1. eightfold

    • KK[ˋetfold]
    • DJ[ˋeitfəuld]


    • a. &
    • 更多解釋
    • 八倍的,八層的八倍地,八層地

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    • 誰有看過這本外文書!!!

      ... practical guide for policy analysis --the eightfold path to more effective problem solving》 Eugene..._Policy_Analysis_The_Eightfold_Path_To_More_Effective...

    • 馬來西亞Vision 2020~ 急急急~

      ...-centric developed nation, complete with an economy, in 2020 that will be eightfold stronger than the economy of the early 1990s. In several of Mahathir...

    • 2.5倍的英文寫法

      ...sixfold、six times 七倍:septuple、sevenfold、seven times 八倍:octuple、eightfold、eight times 九倍:nonuple、ninefold、nine times 十倍:denary、tenfold...