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    • 精心製作,詳盡闡述
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    • 什麼是Reconstructive Elaborations

      ...能翻譯外文文獻的話誰還會比你在這方面更專業了。 Reconstructive elaborations 的意思是指【有助於重建記憶的 各種圖像的聯想 】、【協助記憶的 各種圖像...

    • 可以幫我翻成中文嗎?

      ...所接收到的訊息時。 This cognitive involvement refers to the extent of elaboration that occurs in a communication process higher elaboration implying...

    • 翻譯中文變成英文

      1.His ideal is the nurse who is an elaboration 2.Quite a few the nurse is because of looking after the patient...