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    • 彈性,靈活性
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    • 經濟學翻譯 The Elasticity of Demand

      The Elasticity of Demand 需求彈性 Table 7-4 provides an answer to this... industry. 第二欄表示了某特定產業市場需求的價格彈性 This elasticity measures how responsive total industry quantity demanded is to an...

    • 需求彈性 對公司的重要性

      Defining Elasticity of Demand Elasticity of demand is an important variation on...due to a change in price is small. The formula for computing elasticity of demand is: (Q1 – Q2) / (Q1 + Q2...

    • 餐旅英文 Room Rate Elasticity 怎麼解釋

      餐旅英文 Room Rate Elasticity 怎麼解釋 彈性的房價 房價可依時間 天數 星期 假日等情況做調整 2008-11-30 00:52:51 補充: 調整或者給予折扣之意