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  1. elbow room

    • ph.
      自由伸展臂肘的空間;(room to move, work) 足夠的活動空間
    • 釋義


    • 1. 自由伸展臂肘的空間
    • 2. (room to move, work) 足夠的活動空間
    • 3. 行動的自由
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    • ph.


  2. 知識+

    • 請幫我解答以下的英文謎語,要翻譯(15點)

      (1)elbow room / room for improvement in your work. (2)newspaper (3)vase (4)Daily calender (5)feet Much of the Chinese meaning can be inferred from the context.

    • 請問手肘的英文單字?有那幾種說法?

      ...039;s way into,though,something用肘朝某一方向強行開路 elbow grease費體力的工作 elbow room可自由伸肘的餘地,足夠活動的餘地,夠大的場所 elbow-bending縱飲的

    • 簡易英文句子(急)

      ... of a single building room:- (1)Enter alphabet wrongly in elbow standing room. (2)no furniture, not comfortable (3)too many people. For the advantages...