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    elbow chair
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    • 扶手椅子
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    • 可以幫我看一下英文文法嗎?

      ...posture while typing to work.  Had better find something to hold the elbow, and take a rest every half hour.  While taking a rest, one can hold the lower part of a chair with hands and then pull to the other side for 20 seconds and repeat it...

    • 麻煩盡量幫我翻成英文

      ... back is supported by the back of the chair and your upper torso is straight, let your arms fall beside you naturally and your elbow at 90 degree with your arms. Make sure...

    • 高手幫我吧!! 翻到這有瓶頸!!

      ...or doctor about protection for your heels and elbows. • 如果你被限制於椅子或是輪椅上,在雙膝以及...each other. If you are confined to a chair or wheelchair • 要求由職業治療師評估過的坐墊...