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    • 求助世界新聞英文翻譯~

      President-elect Bachelet vows to... vowed to root out the country's entrenched social inequality...17 she would start by naming a cabinet comprised equally of women and men...

    • 急!!我要期末考了~哪位英文高手能幫我翻譯成中文?(15點)

      1.Rural 婦女形式自助小組解決社區問題是harambee Kenyatta 的競選例子。 2.Kenya's 國家首腦政府的和領導是總統。 3.Tourism 是重要對肯尼亞的經濟。 4.Africa's 河為農業提供魚的一個富有的來源, 源泉的灌溉, 和水力發電為產業。 5...

    • 英文高手請幫我解謝謝.

      ... about____ comes into her head about the subject.  (A)whatever  (B)however (C) wherever... everyone, he was elected leader of the class. 如果沒有後面的"Nobody...