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  1. electricity

    • IPA[ˌɪlekˈtrɪsəti]



    • n.
      電;供電; 電流
    • 釋義


    • 1. electricity pylon/meter/bill/supply 電纜塔/電流計/電費單/電力供應
    • 2. 供電; 電流 to cut off the electricity 斷電
  2. 知識+

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      ...honor for me to discuss about how life could be without electricity. No one can deny that we will be incapable of ...humanity are 是想說什麼) Economize the electricity appropriately. The problem is how to generate the...

    • 問“An Electricity Free Society”

      An Electricity Free Society 一個沒有電的社會 就是指回到在 18 世紀之前,電還沒有被發明之前古代農業社會的狀況。

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      Electricity travels along metal.─英文 電旅行沿金屬。─中文 De reizen van de...