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    • 電磁學
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    • Electromagnetic waves原文翻譯改順@@

      6.2 Electromagnetic Waves 6.2 電磁波 Radio ...顯示無線電波在頻率光譜中的低頻端所在的位置。 Electromagnetic radiation, as the name implies, involves...

    • electromagnetic(light)

      electromagnetic 是「電磁的」 一般講electromagnetic wave就是電磁波 light則是光,因為光都是屬於電磁波

    • Electromagnetic waves原文翻譯改順@@2

      To arrive at an expression for wavelength on a line, we start with the definition of velocity: 要得到線上波長的公式, 我們由速度的定義著手:  v = d / t Where  v = velocity in meters per second  d = distance in meters  t = time in seconds Since we are...