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    • 醫學小兒文章~煩請翻譯~10點

      醫學小兒文章~煩請翻譯~10點 Some children will ‘hitch’ or ‘scoot’ in hand and laterally rotates the leg in that side down onto the sup-port surface while the other leg is elevated with the foot in a plantigrade posture. Next, the child steps out with the elevated leg, ...

    • 翻不是很順~拜託大家幫忙一下~醫學

      ...during which the MSUD newborns are exposed to excessively elevated leucine/KICA levels (>1mmol/L) and intellectual outcome and should...

    • 翻譯~醫學術語的~麻煩了

      ...安培(KETOPROFEN or KETOROLAC屬於手術後非成癮性止痛劑 ) 7.Elevate left leg →抬高左腿