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  1. eleven

    • IPA[ɪˈlɛv(ə)n]


    • card
      equivalent to the sum of six and five; one more than ten; 11;eleven years old
    • noun: eleven, plural noun: elevens

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • card
    • 1. equivalent to the sum of six and five; one more than ten; 11:

      the room was about eleven feet wide

      eighteen schools were founded, eleven of them in London

    • 2. eleven years old:

      the eldest is only eleven

    • 3. eleven o'clock:

      she often worked until eleven at night

    • 4. a size of garment or other merchandise denoted by eleven.
    • 5. a group or unit of eleven people or things.
    • 6. a sports team of eleven players:

      at cricket I played in the first eleven

  2. 知識+

    • the eleventh hour

      the eleventh hour 是最後一刻的意思 To arrive at the eleventh hour...出去僱人到他的葡萄園裡作工,講好一天 一錢銀子。在十二點鐘光景(at the eleventh hour),家 主第三次出園門看見仍有人無所事事,於是就雇他們 也去園內幫工...

    • the lst eleven years

      the lst eleven years: 妳 沒附上下文, 所以有二個可能: (1) the 1st eleven years 若是妳寫的是 “1st” 那就是” [xx 事的] 頭11年”. (2) the LAST eleven years 若是妳寫的是 “LST” 那就是 “[今天之]前的 11 年...

    • 7-11的招牌7-ELEVEn為啥最後面的字母是小寫?

      為什麼7-ELEVEN的商標LOGO,最後一個n是小寫呢?有無特別的意義呢? 台灣的7-ELEVEN最早是源自於美國7-ELEVEN,因此LOGO亦是直接引用美國7-ELEVEN的LOGO,只是美術設計上的考量將最後的n以小寫表現,因此嚴格來說並...