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  1. elixir

    • IPA[ɪˈlɪksə]


    • n.
      a magical or medicinal potion;a preparation supposedly able to change metals into gold, sought by alchemists.
    • noun: elixir, plural noun: elixirs

    • 釋義


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    • IPA[əˈliksər]


    • n.
      a magical or medicinal potion: an elixir guaranteed to induce love

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • (急)請高手幫忙翻譯保養品名稱

      ...眼唇保養 4保水滋潤劑 Pack:為美容敷面劑 或可稱面膜也可 5怡麗斯兒(Elixir)特級CE霜 elixir: 解藥的意思 資生堂有此一品牌名稱 6滋潤活化化妝水 7...

    • He was the first and most..??

      ...necromancer to power, and he was the first, after his lord, to imbibe the Elixir of Life. 他協助領導奇襲(政變),帶來詭詐魔法師的力量, 而且他是繼國王...

    • care,to work英文法

      ...含義,對方不太在乎。說話者是用這話來勸他或激他。) 2. that"s the only elixir (that is) guaranteed to work. 省略關係代名詞 that 和 BE...