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    • 瘦弱的,衰弱的
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    • 瘦巴巴的英文?

      這些都可以: skinny, bony,angular, emaciated, gaunt, lank, lanky, lean, like a rail, malnourished, rawboned, scraggy, scrawny...

    • 英文造句~簡單的解答~~要很間單的 the lottery one day! 不要瞧部起那些乞丐,他們有可能有一天會中樂透! 4.emaciated : Some kids are emaciated, don' t hurt them...

    • 中文翻英文

      NARRATOR: In a sunny afternoon, A dog with a strong, B emaciated dog with a walk, and then they met B: wow! How your dog can grow...