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  1. embarrassed

    • KK[ɪmˋbærəst]
    • DJ[imˋbærəst]


    • adj.
    • 相關詞
    • 同反義
    • vt. 使窘;使不好意思,使侷促不安[H][(+with/by)]

    • Arthur seemed embarrassed by the question. 亞瑟似乎被這個問題弄得有些窘迫。

    • adj. 使人尷尬的,令人為難的[+to-v][+that]

    • It is embarrassing that our streets are so dirty. 我們的街道這麼髒真叫人難堪。

      It is embarrassing to repeat what he said. 若要重複他說過的話,會很尷尬的。

    • adj. 令人尷尬的

    • an embarrassing situation 難堪的處境

    • vt. 使尷尬

    • it embarrasses me to have to admit that ... 我不得不承認…,這使我很難堪

    • 令人困窘的

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    • 使困窘,使局促不安,阻礙

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    • IPA[ɪmˈbærəsd]



    • adj.
    • to be embarrassed about sth./doing sth. 因某事/做某事而尷尬

      to feel embarrassed about sth./doing sth. 對某事/做某事感到尷尬

    • 不好意思

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  2. 知識+

    • 請問〝embarrassed〞後面接的介系詞是什麼?

      about是一般情態上embarrassed用的介係詞。 不過較精深的文法裡頭,in和by也....在俱樂部裡,我覺得很丟臉。 I'm embarrassed about the question asked by the pupils...

    • embarrass things conversation

      embarrass things conversation 急需一篇英文對話腳本 兩人 盡量長一點 There are two women, it seems as likely; Miss A. she is just walking to her company.......It's too embrrassed for Miss B. Several days ago.. Miss B....Making a plan, . she is necessary to relax on one day trip . and forget such a embarrass thing at all.

    • embarrassedembarrassing差在哪邊?

      最簡單的方式就是 如果你是形容一個人或動物的感覺 就是 embarrassed 這裡主詞是那個感覺丟臉的人或動物 Example: I am embarrassed...