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  1. embarrassments

    • embarrassment的名詞複數
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    • 抽象名詞,抽象動詞~

      名詞: embarrassment 困窘、為難 confort 愉快、舒適 excitement 激動、興奮 silence 沉靜 happiness 幸福、快樂 動詞: image 想像 interest 感興趣 anger 激怒 cheer 鼓舞 grieve 悲痛、沮喪

    • 英語高中題目

      ...,To my disappointment,etc.) >(2)To the teacher's embarrassment, his students kept yawning in class.

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      1. An embarrassment, i guess. I may stutter when i'm trying to talk to a strangers...