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  1. emergency cord


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    • 英文好的請替我解答!!!英文問題 20點!

      ... type of procrastinator. 8. Have you experienced any disaster or emergency before? ( smoother) I don't think that I have been...

    • 翻譯 google 官方 blog 2

      我們收到信 ( 2 ) 在凱倫Wickre旁邊的 06︰25︰00的PMPosted 、Google Blog teamThe Google郵袋充滿象這樣的故事 、證明穿過國家的Google的力所及的範圍,和在...

    • 六分鐘的二人英文對話..

      ...calm done. Dogs are valued silver cord just like human being. 希望大家能冷靜,狗狗就像人類...辦法和遠征隊員一起避難 B: Sometimes, when emergency occurred, we can’t always stay with everything we...