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  1. eminence

    • IPA[ˈemənəns]


    • n.
      fame or recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession;an important, influential, or distinguished person
    • noun: eminence, plural noun: eminences

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    • 一句英文拜託翻譯,謝謝 His Eminence......

      這句應該是照片的註明形容吧? 先把句子裡的詞字拆開看。 His Eminence >> 天主教對樞機主教的尊稱,可大概翻譯成「閣下」 Cardinal...

    • pre-eminence是什麼意思?

      pre-eminent 傑出的 (形容詞) pre-eminence 傑出 (表現) (名詞)

    • 學業進步 年年有餘&過年

      紅包 red envelope 拜年 to visit and offer new year"s greetings 鞭炮 firecrackers 團圓飯 reunion dinner 年糕 rice cake 步步高升 to attain eminence step step by step 招財進寶 to bring in wealth and treasure