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    • 感情的;激動的
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    • Emotional Correctness

      ... Kohn)在TED裡已經多次給了定義 Emotional correctness is the tone, the feeling, how we... Brother Gwa To be emotional correct is nothing about giving someone a compliment...

    • emotional stakes是什麼意思?

      emotional stakes 意指情感的糾葛,牽扯。 根據 stakes: n. 3. a personal or emotional concern, interest, involvement, or share: Parents have a big stake in their...

    • 請問 emotional truth 要怎麼翻譯?

      ...will begin to accept this version as the absolute truth, and will tenaciously cling to that emotional truth. 這些有過心靈創傷的人 會在內心深處開始把這個版本當作是事實的版本...