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    • 雙語週報裡的文章-英文文法問題

      ... beagles is that the strip routinely dealt head on with emotional issues like angst and humiliation. 這部漫畫總是直接針對憂慮, 羞辱等情緒上的主題來探討...

    • !!緊急~翻譯!!拜託幫我把下面的中文翻譯~~20點

      ... film( movie ) is based on a single mother family , deseription of emotional( affectional ) issue between mother , sons and brothers. Elder Brother...

    • Emotional Correctness

      ...what they mean to say, and to choose whatever side over whatever issue. We don’t even need to respect his or... to have for us.” That is emotional correctness. Unfortunately, “emotional incorrectness...