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  1. 突出

    • zhuyin[ㄊㄨˊㄔㄨ]
    • pinyin[tuchu]
    • protruding; projecting; sticking out;to stand out; to stick out; to jut out; to project; to protrude
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • 1. protruding; projecting; sticking out
    • 2. to stand out; to stick out; to jut out; to project; to protrude
    • 3. striking; outstanding; prominent; notable
    • 4. to stress; to highlight; to emphasize; to give prominence to; to accentuate
    • 5. to break through
    • [Phonetics] a stress (accent)

    • to emphasize; to accentuate; to highlight; to stress; to make much of; to lay emphasis on; to place emphasis on

    • to attach importance to; to emphasize; to lay stress on; to pay attention to

    • to do one thing and neglect another; to emphasize one thing at the expense of another

    • to lay particular stress on; to one-sidedly emphasize; to give undue emphasis to

    • to stress; to emphasize; to point; to centre on

    • to equally emphasize or stress

    • to speak

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