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    employee labor
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    employ labor

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    • 請幫忙翻譯分析The Council of Labor...

      The Council of Labor Affairs yesterday announced approval 其目標是 capping the ratio (of temporary employees at any given company) to 3-percent (of ...

    • 英文練習題

      ...time workers也是非限定性質的。 8.題目沒錯。第一個對等連接詞and是連結employeelabor,而第二個and是連絅兩個介系詞片語to xxx relations與to laws...

    • 請協助人力資源相關資料翻譯

      ... the agency would seek qualified applicants from the relevant labor market. 譯: 通常代理將尋找來自相關的勞動力市場的合格的申請人。 2007-10-15...