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    empty out

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    • One part of my heart is empty

      ...部份是空虛的,我永遠無法填滿它。 One part of my heart is empty and I could never fill it out. 建議如下: 1) 本句中, 心的一部份是一種概念, 而不是明確分為幾部份 不宜...

    • 關於英文翻英文

      ...use to say that a task may take some time to finish thoroughly (adj): completely; in detail empty out (phrasal verb): take out everything from a place; clear up a place metal objects...

    • prevent 與 avoid 的差異

      ...avoid 避免 (消極策略) 源自古法文esvuider, 清空 ("to empty out," from es- "out" + vuidier "to be empty...prevent your baby from being thrown out in the event of a crash. 確認嬰兒床保護蓋是否蓋妥,以...