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    • 制定法律,扮演,頒布
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    • enacted in

      ...在日常生活的事務中體現。可以用體現,也可以用予以執行。act是行動的意思,enact就是予以執行。 2006-03-06 16:20:09 補充: 也就是說,階級不只是個概念或是...

    • 普通法? 案例法? 不成文法? 制定法? 成文法?

      ...commom law = case law ? 普通法 = 案例法 = 不成文法? enacted law = statutes law? 制定法 = 成文法... and other sources of law. Enacted law: to establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree...

    • 急徵求英文翻譯高手(part1)

      ...the perceived strength of private signals, and their loyalty enacted in the sequence . In other words, the central prediction of information cascade...