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  1. enamelled

    • IPA[ɪˈnæmld]



    • adj.
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    • 我想請問關於satin black enamel 內容翻譯

      satin black enamel paint = 具緞面光澤的黑色瓷漆 locator pegs = 定位物楔釘 = 定位...楔釘固定。此片(指不鏽鋼片)可以用來遮蓋住磁棒上的的螺絲孔。 enamel 有太多種類了,不知道測試成功的是哪一種。 2008-06-17 08:55:52...

    • I have question for chemistry

      ...that, when not removed on a regular basis, slowly eat away, or decay, the protective enamel surface of the teeth, causing holes (cavities) to form...

    • 景泰藍的英文

      ... is traditional Chinese artcraft. It is actually enamel filled in the copper strips (filigree) on the copperware. The effect...