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    • 電影觀後感-檢查文法

      ...who believed in love and aspired to love. Because of an enchanting mistake, they met and fell deeply in love. However, they broke...

    • 有關中文翻英文的?

      大大你好, 以下是電影: 刺客聯盟 Kick Ass 駭客任務 The Matrix 我是傳奇 I am Legend 曼哈頓奇緣 Enchanted 攻其不備 The Blind Side 勇士們 We Were...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文,謝謝!很簡單喔

      ... in Taipei when he was a child. 18.請告訴我有關你昨晚看的電影. Please tell me something about the movie you saw last night. 19...