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  1. end in tears

    • ph.
      have an unhappy or unpleasant outcome
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    • ph.
      have an unhappy or unpleasant outcome

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 翻譯句子的問題,請高手幫我看看

      ... efforts made by the enemy, the plot ended in a fiasco. 3. If he were here. 4. Those... each other. 5. She doesn't seldom burst into tears. 我想想看明天再寫

    • 英文關於主部和述部,以下我這樣分類對嗎?

      ...",「研究不同文化的人」。 6. The sergeant nearly tore himself in two with laughter and pointed to the other end of the counter 對,此句主部的確是 "the sergeant". 翻譯前,先需了解...

    • Lost in lies yet again…句子英翻中

      儘管迷失在謊言之中,然而熱情依舊不減,它(熱情)光耀億萬年,到頭來卻只是在悲慘中作結...在淚水中作結。 aeon = a thousand millon years = 10 億年 但是中文翻譯時說億萬年比較通順 2011-03-13 23:46:01 補充: yet again 是"又一次"之意。如果和前面相連亦可,那就翻成...