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  1. at the end of the day

    • ph.
      把一切都考慮進去;最終, 到頭來, (工作等)完成之時
    • 釋義


    • 1. 把一切都考慮進去 At the end of the day the new manager is no better than the previous one. 從各個方面來看, 這位新經理並不比前任強。
    • 2. 最終, 到頭來, (工作等)完成之時
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    • 60 days B/L date end of month?

      付款條件 : 60 days B/L date end of month 是如何解釋? 提單日期...大師所解讀的"60 days after B/L date before the end of that month” 其中 "60...

    • 請問有關By the end of...題目

      答案錯了 A 未來完成式 The future perfect expresses an activity that will be completed before another time or event in the future 未來完成式用以表示一個活動會在某個未來的時間點或事件前 被完成 EX. I will have finished my homework by the...

    • On the end 和 At the end意思和用法差別

      ...the end of my rope. (這些孩子快把我逼瘋了,我再也受不了了。) at the end of the day : ( BrE, spoken) used to introduce the most important fact after everything...