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    end one's days

    • ph.
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    • ph.
      (處於某狀況下或在某處)度過餘生 The great singer ended his days in poverty. 那位大歌唱家在貧困中度過殘生。
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    • birth,day,date

      one's date of birth=birthday one's day of birth=birthday 應該都可以的。 Date... not refer to any calendar system. Her day of birth followed the end of baby boom. 她是在嬰兒潮結束後生的。

    • 請翻譯Sillsel - One Day的歌詞

      ...但不會感到害怕 Here I stand, nowhere near the end 我就站在這裡 沒有什麼地方接近終點 Time to go a different way 時間以不同的方向流過Cause another day will come to those who dare因那要被面對的日子即將來臨...

    • The first day of the week

      ...the immediate X-day that is approaching regardless of a week's boundary. "This past X-day" - It is clear that one means the immediate X-day that just passed. "The...