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  1. end up in

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      以...結束, 最後...
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    • 1. 以...結束, 最後... If you continue to steal, you'll end up in prison. 如果你繼續行竊, 總有一天你要坐牢。
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    • 麻煩請聽力很強的高手進來聽這個小演講~急20

      1. Basically, Eva’s grandmother ended up in Canada by chance. She originally ... to become a medical research when she grows up. [~3:4] 她小時候 不喜歡看書. 但去大峽谷的時候...

    • {英文}end up的用法

      ... from the dessert menu? 後來你點了菜單上的什麽點心? You will end up in debt if you keep on spending moneylike that. 你要是老這樣花錢, 總有一天要...

    • 請解釋”end up” 的單字意思及例句

      ..., moving from neighbour to neighbour and ending up in a friend's cellar.(她帶小孩逃走, 從一個鄰居家逃到另一個鄰居家, 到最後...