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  1. endeavour

    • KK[ɪnˋdɛvɚ]
    • DJ[inˋdevə]


    • = endeavor
    • 過去式:endeavoured 過去分詞:endeavoured 現在分詞:endeavouring

    • 名詞複數:endeavours

  2. 知識+

    • 英文句子翻中文

      ... so hard to file a law suit against his own son over his non-profit endeavors.令人聞之心酸的是,就在他晚年Cousteau就為了自己的非營利義舉而...

    • 幫幫一個簡單的翻譯二十點

      ...would be an asset(6) to(7) any employer and(8) I recommend him for any endeavour(9) he chooses to purpose(10). Yours truly(11), 另附原文註釋如下...

    • 一句句子的英文翻譯

      學習語言是永無止盡。 = Learning a language is a life-long endeavor. = Learning languages is a life-long endeavor. = ...