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  1. endorse

    • IPA[ɪnˈdɔːs]


    • v.
      declare one's public approval or support of;recommend (a product) in an advertisement
    • verb: endorse, 3rd person present: endorses, gerund or present participle: endorsing, past tense: endorsed, past participle: endorsed

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    • IPA[inˈdôrs]


    • v.
      declare one's public approval or support of: the report was endorsed by the college

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • endorse and advocate

      ...可能會牽涉到整個句子的文法 不是把單字換過就好了 這點要稍微注意 但如果 endorse是用來表示標記的話 則無法帶入advocate. e.g I have endorsed this...

    • 代言的英文是??

      endorse (v.) - say in an advertisement that one uses and approves of (支持一個...代言) Ex: The basketball player earned large amount of money by endorsing sportswear and equipment. 那個籃球選手靠代言運動服裝和器材賺了很多錢.

    • <英文閱讀問題>-歐巴馬推動核能以敦促氣候法案

      1. 如果你把[endorse]解釋為"同意/簽署", 的確不適合用進行式 - 除非要表達"即將"...request sends out a clearer message that the President is endorsing the Treaty.