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  1. endorsement

    • IPA[ɪnˈdɔːsm(ə)nt]


    • n.
      the action of endorsing someone or something;(in the UK) a note on a driving licence recording the penalty points incurred for a driving offence.
    • noun: endorsement, plural noun: endorsements

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    • IPA[inˈdôrsmənt]


    • n.
      an act of giving one's public approval or support to someone or something: the issue of full independence received overwhelming endorsement checks requiring endorsement

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請高手幫忙翻譯一下句子中翻英&英翻中

      to give office endorsement payment in advance ( 為了取得公司的保證和信任,請先付款) 疏失(careless mistake...immediately payment.) 每筆訂單均需開出金額的信用狀 (for each order, it should provide an endorsement for considerable amount of the payment) 謝謝您的報價,但價格太高了 (thank you for...

    • 英文翻譯(regulatory issue) sustainability and the implications of different levels of policy endorsement學者們研究某些特殊問題、獲取成本的影響、永續經營的持續性、政策背書不同...

    • 可以幫我翻機票的中文嗎 ??

      ...: 行李 Form of Payment:AGT/CHQ 付款方式 Endorsement/Restriction: 機票使用限制 Fare Calculation: 費用