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    • 翻譯奈米科技資訊(中翻英)

      Endure rice science and technology, it will be that science and technology and industry develop the...material and technological bottleneck, break through to some extent because the application which endure rice science and technology is researched and developed too...

    • 這句英文我不懂可以幫我翻譯嗎?

      Do not go too far = 照字面上翻譯是"不要走的太遠",但這裡的意思是說"不要做得太過份", The human endures patiently has the limit = 人的忍受度是有限的, Endures patiently...

    • 中翻英,翻譯大師歡迎......10點

      LLDPE pellicle, Highnesses endure impulse strength, Burning an intension, Nips litter caloric envelop sex good, Endures oily good, Can water cook 100 disinfect, Freezes endure low temperature- 45, Straight sex compare good