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  1. endure

    • IPA[ɪnˈdjʊə]


    • v.
      suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently;remain in existence; last
    • verb: endure, 3rd person present: endures, gerund or present participle: enduring, past tense: endured, past participle: endured

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    • endure跟tolerate用法有什麼不同?

      其實 endure 跟 tolerate 是一樣的 用中文例句來解釋 快樂跟高興 這兩個是一樣的 夫妻間.../more with you 我不能再忍受你下去了 例句: I cannot endure his constant criticism 我不能再忍受他長期的批評 給你一個解釋...

    • 請問有人知道save和endure的同意字嗎

      ... sustain the pressure of; 2. Bear - To have a tolerance for; endure 3. Abide - To put up with; tolerate(e.g: Can't abide such...

    • 翻譯奈米科技資訊(中翻英)

      Endure rice science and technology, it will be that science and technology and industry develop the...material and technological bottleneck, break through to some extent because the application which endure rice science and technology is researched and developed too...