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    • 有力的,精力旺盛的
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    • 英文造句..要十個自或超過10個字..不要有want.lik

      ...我是在香港出生的,那裡的迪士尼在九月的時候會開幕. Tim is so energetic, he does exercise for 10 hours a day. Tim 是個精力旺盛的人...

    • English problem

      how energetic the girl she is. 我覺得the girl 跟 she選一個即可。How energetic the girl is 或 How energetic she is. how red an apple is...

    • 英文填空and文意字彙???

      ...word 3 together 5 junk 7 handsome 9 believe 2008-07-23 19:08:33 補充: 第四題是 energetic 2008-07-23 19:08:52 補充: 第四題是 energetic energetic energetic energetic energetic...