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  1. engage

    • KK[ɪnˋgedʒ]
    • DJ[inˋgeidʒ]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:engaged 過去分詞:engaged 現在分詞:engaging

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 吸引;佔用(時間,精力等) The book engaged my full attention. 這本書把我完全吸引住了。 Housework engages much of her time. 家事佔用她很多時間。
    • 2. 使(齒輪等)嚙合
    • 3. 與……交戰,進攻
    • 4. 僱,聘[(+as)][O2] They engaged a cook for the summer. 那個夏天他們僱了一個廚子。
    • 5. 預訂(房間,座位等)
    • 6. 使訂婚[H] David is engaged to Ann. 大衛與安訂了婚。
    • 7. 使從事,使忙於[H] He was busily engaged in painting the furniture. 他忙於油漆傢俱。
    • 8. 保證 The company engaged to finish the building by May. 那家公司保證五月份造好房子。


    • 1. 嚙合,接合[(+with)]
    • 2. 交戰,交手[(+with)]
    • 3. 從事,參加[(+in/upon)] They engage in the study of music. 他們從事音樂研究。
    • 4. 保證;答應


    vt. 吸引(注意等)

    vt. 僱,聘

    vi. & vt. 答應;允諾


    「vt. 從事,忙於;使交戰」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • engage的用法!?

      版主您好~~~ 先看engage這個字。 奇摩字典翻「吸引、佔用」,但這邊若只翻「吸引」,似乎深度不夠 occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons): He engaged her in conversation. attract and hold fast: The novel engaged...

    • 請教一題翻譯(engaged用法)

      ... house we walked into had been engaged sight unseen, and this is always fun and full of ...27 13:06:43 補充: Toming88 的解釋是錯的。 engage 在這裡不是「吸引」,是 arrange to obtain the use of...

    • engage 在此句如何解釋

      If you engage someone in conversations, you have a conversatoin with them. (see p.508...) to engage him in a conversation = 使他加入談話 He boldly engaged the girls in conversation. = 他大膽地使那些女孩加入談話。 p.457 遠東新世紀...