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    • (急)莎士比亞十四行詩中第116首的賞析

      ...心裡留著一首愛情詩 Love, I Remember︰ Classic English Love Poems 首詩分為四部分:前面三個單位,每個有四行(稱為quatrain四行詩)最後一個...

    • translate poem!!!!

      ...gardenia bloom the hill white, shall I you meet, if so can I love, with the depth of my soul, then depart then, long as life as...一時之間也想不到別的 ps. I don't know her English name, sorry

    • 【20點】 請英文高手幫我修改這篇自傳

      ...with people. 2007-09-11 11:07:01 補充: I love to read and listen to music in my free time.... I can write Chinese and English poems. 2007-09-11 11:07:24 補充: (One) of...