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  1. engross

    • IPA[ɪnˈɡrəʊs]


    • v.
      absorb all the attention or interest of;gain or keep exclusive possession of (something)
    • verb: engross, 3rd person present: engrosses, gerund or present participle: engrossing, past tense: engrossed, past participle: engrossed

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    • engrossed 和 engaged 有什麼不同?

      基本上 "engrossed"這字較不常使用,使用時通常指某人全神貫注於某件事,如 "the researcher...

    • 9個單字的英英解釋

      ... want to be accepted by their peers 9.engrossed:giving all your attention to something 我是從劍橋英英字典查給您...

    • 幫幫我,中文寫英文翻譯句子

      ...誘人的;迷人的;極吸引人的 an alluring advertisement 一幅引人矚目的廣告 engrossing a.使人全神貫注的;引人入勝的 He told us an engrossing...